Mischief Makers Local 816, LLC is a full service provider of screen printing, embroidery, laser engraving and other Brand building services. We are most well known for producing the Brand Home State Apparel.

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The experience, speed, and quality you want.


If you are in need of t-shirts, then you’ve come to the right place. We have printed over 1,000,000 shirts over the last 10 years and are ready to help with your project. Whether it’s 48 shirts, or 4,800, our in-house printing service can handle your needs. We specialize in water-based, plastisol, and discharge inks and can help you source the perfect shirt for your project. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.



We add stitches to your hats and garments.


From direct embroidery to applique; caps and hats to sweatshirts and other flat goods; we got you covered. Our 6 head Tajima embroidery machine and skilled operators are ready to make your Brand vision come to life!



A huge array of possibilities with laser engraving


We have 2 powerful laser engravers that can vector cut and engrave wood, leather, paper goods, acrylics, and other non-metal substrates. Contact us about your project and we will be happy to quote you.



Full color sticker and decal printing, signs, posters too!


We have a large format, 54” TruVis Eco Solvent printer/plotter. We can print full color stickers, posters, decals, or signage on a wide variety of materials. Contact us today for a quote on your project.



Goods that make you stand apart


From coffee mugs and pint glasses, wood plaques and door mats, to heirloom quality bottle openers and flasks, we have the capabilities of custom crafting items with your logo and brand message that sets you apart from the competition.



Something new for a new generation.


Inspiring the team and building company pride is an important part of any business. We provide Brand building goods and gifts to help solidify company culture. With low minimums and large scale capacity, we can meet all your needs. You’re never too small or too big to inspire company loyalty and pride. Contact us today about your project.



We’ve been there, let us help you get there too.


We have build an apparel brand from scratch into a multi-million dollar a year, nationally distributed Brand. We have successfully worked with small mom and pop boutiques, to the largest retailers in America. The journey was long and we made many mistakes along the way, let us help you avoid those costly mistakes and put your Brand on the fast track. Our consulting service can cover every aspect of your growing brand: sourcing, marketing, manufacturing, intellectual property, large scale distribution, Branding, SKU and UPC catalogs, B2B and B2C, logistics, scalibility, funding and more.



Necessity is the mother of invention


When growing our brand we often found ourselves in need of something that didn’t readily exist. One of these things was unique, custom built, signage that wasn’t plastic-y and didn’t look cheap. So, we made it ourselves. This led us to develop the capacity to create lots of different custom signs or displays. Our look is often rustic and hand-made, crafted from wood. Have an idea? Contact us today to see your vision come to life.



Hand painted signage at its best


Hand painted signs are trending right now, but finding a qualified professional can be difficult. Lucky for you, we have a professional sign painter on staff. Chuck Johnson is a graphic designer and sign painter with the experience and dedication to quality to accomplish your signage. Contact us today for a consultation.